GePS - Gesture-based Performance System


Gesture-based Performance System

GePS is a performance system for musical applications. Hard- and software-design is open. The project is about controlling audio with gestures and movement. Containing a few sensors and radio, the glove will transmit the gesture-data to your laptop where the datastream is analyzed and used to create sound and music. The software system uses the full scale of the sensor data, without limiting it to MIDI. The main goal is to transform the complexity of gestures into music without restricting your movement for the sake of simple parameter-mapping.


Hardware HowTo, How to build your own GePS unit in 10 steps.

Software Documentation, PureData patchers explained.


GePS PureData package

GitHub Repository

You will need PureData to run the software.

Upcoming Events

No upcoming events planned

Past Events

Microcontroller-Workshop at Starship Factory, Basel, Switzerland

In this workshop the participants built and programmed their own GePS units in two sessions, as part of a seminaire on microcontrollers and sounddesign.

Thursday, 08.12.2016 09.00 - 13:00
Wednesday, 14.12.2016 09.00 - 13:00

Starship Factory
Auf dem Wolf 13
4051 Basel

Starship Factory: Der Hackerspace in Basel

EPTA Herbstkongress, "Digitale Medien - Anwendung im Klavierunterricht", 06.11.2016 15:30, Musik-Akademie Basel, Switzerland

Conference presentation and performance
Haptik (2014) - Cedric Spindler

Musik-Akademie Basel
Klaus-Linder Saal
Leonhardsstrasse 6
4051 Basel

EPTA Veranstaltungen

'Sounds Unlimited XXXI', 31.08.2016 20:00, Idee und Klang, Basel, Switzerland

Workshop 'Motion Control in Electronic Instrument Design'

Idee und Klang Audio Design
Gundeldinger Feld / Halle 2
Dornacherstrasse 192
4053 Basel

Idee und Klang, Sounds Unlimited

'Dem Leben zuhören wie es spricht', 10.04.2016 16:00, FABRIKculture, Hegenheim, France

Haptik (2014) - Cedric Spindler.
as part of the exhibition 'Dem Leben zuhören wie es spricht', after the guided tour with stöckerselig and Katharina Rüll.

60, rue de Bâle
F-68220 Hégenheim


Arduino-Day 2016, 02.04.2016, Starship Factory, Switzerland

Workshop: 02.04.2016 18:00

Starship Factory

Close Encounters 2016, 29.01 - 02.02.2016, Tbilisi State Conservatoire, Georgia

Konzert 1 - INTIME SKIZZEN, 29.01.2016 19:00
Cedric Spindler - Haptik

Konzert 2 - ZWISCHENRÄUME, 30.01.2016 19:00
Frederic Robinson - Neues Werk für Sensorinstrument

Workshop, 01.02.2016 18:00

Tbilisi State Conservatoire

Generator #41: 10 Jahre ICST, 26.11.2015 20:30, Mehrspur Musikclub, Zurich, Switzerland

Haptik (2014) - Cedric Spindler. Jubiläum: 10 Jahre ICST - Konzertprogramm
Mehrspur, Musikklub Toni-Areal
Förrlibuckstrasse 109, Zurich, Switzerland

Audio Mostly, 07-09.10.2015, Thessaloniki, Greece

Conference Presentation: "Gestural control in electronic music performance: sound design based on the ‘striking’ and ‘bowing’ movement metaphors"

dBâle 2015 electronic music festival, 02-04.10.2015, HEK, Basel, Switzerland

Sound: Evolution and Design
Friday, 2. October 2015, 21:00: Haptik (2014) - Cedric Spindler. dBâle 2015 Festival program

Haus der elektronischen Künste Basel
Freilager-Platz 9
CH-4142 Münchenstein / Basel

MuSA 2015 - Karlsruhe (IMWI), 25-28.06.2015, Karlsruhe, Germany

Sixth International Symposium on Music/Sonic Art: Practices and Theories
Conference Presentation: "A physical approach to gestural control in electronic music performance" MuSA 2015

Master Recital Cedric Spindler, 21.05.2015 19:00, Gare du Nord Basel, Switzerland

Haptik (2014) - Cedric Spindler. Nachstrom 74 / Masterrezital: Cedric Spindler

art's birthday, 16.01.2015 21:15, E-Werk Freiburg, Germany

Haptik (2014) - Cedric Spindler. 21:15 - 21:30, Galerie art's birthday 2015

Nachstrom 72, 15.01.2015 21:00, Gare du Nord Basel, Switzerland

Haptik (2014) - Cedric Spindler. Nachstrom 72

Workshop at HOPE X - New York City, USA

Hotel Pennsylvania, Sun 20.07.2014 13:00 at Mezzanine Village Zone B
Workshop description